Peace Earth

Together with Ani Simpson, we were approach by Forest Whitaker to create a logo to promote Peace Earth Foundation. It is a nonprofit organization with an international scope and reach, founded by Forest Whitaker, to help societies affected by conflicts and violence transform into safe and productive communities. Along the way, the project changed its name, and now the organization is known as Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative.

Our approach towards creating this logo was to speak to everyone, getting away from common themes and imagery that represent peace.

2013 Ringling College of Art and Design,
Design Center. Silver District ADDY Award 2014


Forest Whitaker
Design Center Ringling College
Junior Designer
Logo Design, Concept Development
Art Direction
Holly Antoszewski
Jennifer Mumford

Concept Explorations 1.

Unity, Reconciled, Support, Harmony.

Concept Explorations 2.

Dialog, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Reflection.

Final Branding

After various concept explorations, we united some
elements from old ideas to create one solid concept.


The design represents the idea of being connected through communication. People from different backgrounds can find a meeting point. The circular shape represents that we are all the people of one world.


Color Palette



Triumvirate for Peace

Along with the creation of the logo, I took part in the concept development of this motion piece for the foundation. It is a tale of how three voices combined their powers for the greater good. It invited viewers to join Peace Earth and UNESCO.

Illustration: Nathalie Andrewson
 Art Direction and Animation: Javier Aparente and Marisabel Fernandez
Concept: Marisabel Fernandez, Javier Aparente & Stephanie Choza Macre
Script: Lisa Moody, Ringling College Faculty Member
Voice Over: Forest Whitaker
Voice Over Recording: Sonic Magic
Music Composition: Joe Granato, Ringling College Design Center
Logo Design: Ani Simpson & Stephanie Choza Macre
© 2013 Ringling College of Art and Design, Design Center

Jennifer Mumford Brady, Director
Holly Antoszewski, Associate Director.