Stephanie aka Tephie Choza

UI/ UX Designer with seven-years of experience. She is the most creative when solving problems, and she aims to create beautiful and meaningful experiences. She enjoys brainstorming, user research, visualization, and the crafting of work that is accessible and feels human. She is driven by curiosity and passion and loves to listen to podcasts while working.

Whenever she is not working on a project, you can find her traveling, cooking, practicing yoga, or swimming. Things she couldn't live without are her dog, coffee, and books.

After graduating from Red Cross Nordic United World Colleges in Norway in 2009, she moved to Sarasota, FL, to obtain her BFA in Graphic & Interactive Communication from Ringling College of Art and Design. Currently, she is living in her home country Costa Rica where she has been working as a Senior UI/UX Consultant at Gorilla Logic.

Photo by great Rick St. Louis

“If you want a new idea, read an old book”

–Ivan Pavlov–