CITI Mortgage


City Bank








Visual Design, UI, Responsive

Art Direction

Conrad Shen

Marco Vejar

Citi Bank is an American multinational investment banking and financial

services corporation. In 2015, the bank decided to redesign its website

to create a universal solution for all of its global properties so that each

Citi experience would be aligned and consistent. We were asked to work

on general accessibility guidelines for the redesign of the site for Citi

Homeownership, also known as Citi Mortgage. By using contemporary

design, we optimized the experience of getting a mortgage and created

a simple, more accessible, and touch-friendly responsive web solution.

Citi Mortgage’s icons were redesigned, with their look and feel adjusted to the modern design of the website and its typography. This system is implemented throughout the page and on the site’s infographics.

Fully Responsive

All the different components on the website were thought mobile first, making it fully responsive

Buying a Home Section

The section introduces the main points about the process

of getting a mortgage.

Refinancing Section

Support Section

Unique Design Pages

The Mortgage Selector and the Online application Status forms had unique layouts with distinctive features and steps. We designed a total of 22 responsive pages for both sections

Mortgage Selector

Application Status